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Top Entry Ball Valves



Established engineered product design, well-known in the industry

Fully in-line repairable whether in vertical or horizontal position; the bolted construction consisting of a single-piece body with a bonnet,  allows disassembly on site in-line for inspections and repairs.

After repairs are completed, the valve is re-assembled; to validate the integrity of the repair work, an on-line body cavity line test can be performed to confirm the seats are sealing as required (this test can be done only when the seat design is DIB-1 / DPE).

Manufactured with forged or cast materials in various grades of CS, SS, Duplex and all other high alloys, ensuring this design can meet all our customers material requirements.

Designed and manufactured to withstand external loads from the pipeline to prevent any deformation of the body when the internal parts are fully removed for repairs and new parts are installed.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is routinely carried out during the design phase of the body and ball & seat configuration.

Delivery of spare parts from stock up to max.16 weeks.

Engineered products typically having a long lead time delivery of 24 weeks and longer.

Suitable for all industries and applications onshore, offshore and subsea.




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