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Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

In trunnion ball valves, the ball is fixed in place by bearings that prohibit it from floating downstream. A spring-loaded seat mechanism ensures that the valve remains leak-tight as the seat inevitably begins to wear down.



  • Most commonly specified due to the bolted body construction, allowing for disassembly once removed from the pipeline for repairs to be carried out.

    Most competitive design of all the ball valves in terms of cost and delivery.

    Available also in compact design (MV3-CP).

    Manufactured with forged materials in various grades of CS, SS, Duplex and all other high alloys, ensuring the design can meet all customers material requirements.

    Large inventory of parts kept available in-house.

    Available for short delivery 16 weeks or less.

    Delivery of spare parts from stock up to max.16 weeks.

    Suitable for all industries and applications.



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