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API 6D Valves

API 6D Plug Valve

An API 6D plug valve is a type of quarter-turn rotary valve designed and manufactured according to the American Petroleum Institute's standard 6D. These valves are known for their simple design, reliable shutoff, and ease of operation, making them popular choices in various industrial applications.


API 6D Valves - API 6D Plug Valve
Size Range

2 – 24 NPS, DN50 - DN600

Body Materials

ASTM A216, A105, A350, A182, A351, A352, A890, A995.

Temperature Range

-29°C to 450°C

Plug Materials

ASTM A216, A105, A350, A182, A351, A352, A890, A995.

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure

ANSI 150#, ANSI 300#, ANSI 600# , ANSI 900#, ANSI 1500#, ANSI 2500#

Seat Materials

PTFE, NYLON, PEEK, NBR, KELF, ENP (Electroless nickel plating), HC (Hard chrome).

Shutoff Rating

Bidirectional Bubble-tight

Body Style

Flanged End, Butt Weld, FE V/s BW

Design Standard


Flange Drilling

ASME B16.5

Testing Standard

API 598, ISO 5208, EN 12266-1

Face To Face

ASME B16.10


Oil & Gas, Wastewater, Seawater, Petrochemicals

    • Quarter-Turn Operation: The valve opens and closes with a 90-degree (quarter-turn) rotation of the handle or actuator, offering quick and easy operation.
    • Lubricated or Non-Lubricated Design: API 6D plug valves can be either lubricated or non-lubricated. Lubricated valves utilize a sealant or lubricant between the plug and body for smoother operation and tighter sealing, especially for frequent use or abrasive fluids. Non-lubricated valves are suitable for clean fluids and applications where contamination is a concern.
    • Sealing Mechanism: A cylindrical or tapered plug with a bore that aligns with the pipeline for open flow rotates within the valve body to block the flow path when closed.
    • Durable Materials: Constructed from robust materials like cast iron or forged steel to withstand high pressures and harsh operating environments.


    • Simple Design: The quarter-turn operation and straightforward design contribute to ease of use, maintenance, and overall reliability.
    • Reliable Shutoff: The robust plug design ensures positive shutoff, even with abrasive fluids or high pressures.
    • Versatility: Available in lubricated and non-lubricated options, making them suitable for various applications and fluid types.
    • Low Maintenance: The simple design minimizes maintenance requirements compared to some other valve types.
    • Industry Standard Compliance: Meeting API 6D standards ensures quality, safety, and compatibility with other equipment adhering to this standard.


    • Lubricated: Utilizes a sealant or lubricant for smoother operation and tighter sealing, ideal for frequent use or abrasive fluids.
    • Non-lubricated: Suitable for clean fluids and applications where contamination is a concern (e.g., food processing).
    • Quicker and easier operation compared to valves requiring multiple turns.
    • Requires less space for actuation, which can be beneficial in confined environments.
    • API 6D certification ensures the valve meets specific requirements for pressure handling, fire resistance, material properties, and dimensional standards, making it suitable for critical applications.

Regular inspection is recommended, focusing on wear, lubrication (if applicable), and seal integrity. The specific maintenance schedule will depend on the operating conditions and manufacturer’s recommendations.


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