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Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Double Block & Bleed

A Double Block & Bleed (DBB) trunnion mounted ball valve is a powerful and secure valve designed for critical applications requiring high pressure, positive isolation, and minimal leakage.
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve


Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve - Double Block & Bleed
Size Range

2 – 24 NPS, DN50 - DN600

Body Materials

ASTM A216, A105, A350, A182, A351, A352, A890, A995.

Temperature Range

-29°C to 450°C

Ball Materials

ASTM A216, A105, A350, A182, A351, A352, A890, A995.

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure

ANSI 150#, ANSI 300#, ANSI 600# , ANSI 900#, ANSI 1500#, ANSI 2500#

Seat Materials

PTFE, NYLON, PEEK, NBR, KELF, ENP (Electroless nickel plating), HC (Hard chrome).

Shutoff Rating

Bidirectional Bubble-tight

Body Style

Flanged End, Butt Weld, FE V/s BW

Design Standard

API 6D, ASME 16.34

Flange Drilling

ASME B16.5

Testing Standard

API 598, ISO 5208, EN 12266-1

Face To Face

ASME B16.10


Oil & Gas, Wastewater, Seawater, Petrochemicals

  1. Positive Isolation: The DBB design allows for complete shutoff of flow in both directions, critical for maintenance and safety procedures.
  2. Bleed Port: The central bleed port enables venting or draining of trapped fluids between the valves for safety checks, purging, or maintenance.
  3. High Pressure and Temperature Rating: The robust construction and trunnion mounted design enable handling high pressures and temperatures.
  4. Leak-Proof Performance: Double isolation and high-quality seating minimize leakage risks.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The modular design allows for individual valve maintenance without disrupting the entire piping system.
  6. Versatility: Available in various sizes and materials to suit diverse industrial applications.
  7. Bidirectional Flow: Each valve section can allow flow in either direction, offering flexibility in piping layouts.


  1. Enhanced Safety: DBB functionality provides a higher level of safety during maintenance or emergencies by ensuring complete isolation.
  2. Reduced Downtime: Isolating one valve section allows for maintenance on the other section without shutting down the entire process line.
  3. Minimized Fugitive Emissions: Leak-proof design helps reduce environmental impact.
  4. Long Service Life: Durable construction and ease of maintenance contribute to a long lifespan.
  5. Reliable Flow Control: Double isolation and tight seating ensure precise flow control.


    • Double block and bleed functionality: Provides superior isolation and safety for maintenance or emergencies.
    • Reduced downtime: Allows maintenance on one section without shutting down the entire process.
    • Enhanced leak-proof performance: Minimizes fugitive emissions.
    • Higher initial cost: Due to the complex design and double isolation features.
    • Larger footprint: May require more space compared to a single ball valve.
    • Increased maintenance complexity: Two valve sections require maintenance compared to a single valve.
      • Single trunnion mounted ball valve with block and bleed: Offers some isolation capability but not double block and bleed.
      • Gate valves with double block and bleed: May be a consideration but can have higher flow restriction and require more torque to operate.