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Check Valve

Tilting Disc

Tilting disc check valves, also known as slanted disc check valves, are widely used due to their efficient operation, minimal maintenance needs, and versatility.


Check Valve - Tilting Disc
Size Range

6 – 40 NPS, DN150 - DN1000

Body Materials

D.I. to GGG -40/50 or Eqiv. IS/BS/ASTM Grade

Temperature Range

-29°C to 650°C

Trim Materials

SS AISI – 304 / 316 or Nickel weld overlay

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure

PN 10 /PN 16 & PN 25

Pressure-Temprature Rating

ASME B 16.34

Body Style

Flanged End

Design Standard

BSEN 12334

Flange Drilling

ASME B16.5

Testing Standard

API 598, API 6D


Counter Weight/Dashpot/Damper Arrangement


Self Actuation


Water Supply, Water Treatment, Irrigation

    • Tilting Disc Design: A key element is a disc positioned at an angle (usually 15-25 degrees) relative to the flow path. This angle allows for smooth opening and closing with minimal pressure drop.
    • Spring-Assisted Closure (Optional): Some designs incorporate a spring to aid disc closure, guaranteeing positive shutoff even at low flow rates.
    • Low-Noise Operation: The tilting disc design minimizes slamming and noise compared to swing check valves, making them suitable for quiet operation environments.
    • Bidirectional Flow (Optional): Certain tilting disc check valves can handle flow in either direction, offering operational flexibility.
    • Material Variety: Available in various materials to suit different pressure ratings, temperatures, and fluid compatibility requirements.
    • Short body, small volume and light weight
    • Shafts protrude on both sides of the body and allow the lever and counter weight to be mounted on the right or left side, both vertical and horizontal pipeline applications.
    • Disc swings freely. The disc opening depends on the flow velocity
    • Adjustable weight offers the adaptability to the individual working conditions.
    • Metal to metal or resilient seating options.
    • Maintenance free design.
    • Tilting Disc Check Valves With Hydraulic Damper eliminate the closing slams and water hammer for entire closing stroke.
    • Closing speed is adjustable depends on working conditions.
    • All components of the valves are designed for high stress occurred during damping effect.


    • Low Head Loss: The tilted disc design minimizes flow restriction, resulting in lower pressure drops and improved efficiency within the piping system.
    • Reliable Shutoff: The design ensures positive sealing, preventing backflow even at low pressures (with spring-assisted closure).
    • Reduced Water Hammer: The tilting disc promotes smoother flow transition, minimizing the risk of water hammer (pressure surges) that can damage pipes and equipment.
    • Quiet Operation: The design minimizes slamming and noise, making them ideal for applications requiring quiet operation.
    • Versatility: Available in various materials, sizes, and configurations (bidirectional flow) to suit a wide range of applications.


    • Tilting Disc: Disc sits at an angle, offering lower head loss and quieter operation.
    • Swing Check: Disc swings on a hinge, can experience higher head loss and slamming.
    • Ensures positive shutoff even at low flow rates.
    • In applications where flow needs to be controlled in either direction.
    • They typically require minimal maintenance. Periodic inspection is recommended to ensure proper operation and identify any potential issues.


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